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Long Term Care, Group Home, Retirement Home Nursing Foot Care Services

Have you been contacted by the LTC, Group, or Retirement home to complete the online consent form? Please complete the consent form below, using the password provided. Any issues completing the form please  Contact Us

In-Home Residential Nursing Foot Care Services

Due to COVID-19 there are very limited spots per day for appointments. Appointments will be triaged based on urgent concerns. Please fill out the form below if you require an appointment.

Nursing Foot Care Information

What is the cost for in-home residential nursing foot care?
  • $50 for foot care/client- add on $15 finger nail care- Residential Home for St. Catharines (Rate of care is subject to change)

  • Clinic Rate Available (Retirement and Long Term Care homes, please email or call for details) 
  • We do not provide care in any hospitals at this time. 
  • Need foot care in your area? Please contact us and we can refer you to another foot care nurse
  • Niagara Mobile Foot Care Policies
What are the accepted payment methods? 
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • E-transfer (preferred payment method at this time) 
  • If you have extended health insurance, please call your insurance provider to check your foot care coverage. 
  • If you do not have extended health insurance, keep your receipt and you may be able to claim it as a medical expense on your income tax

*All payments are paid directly to the foot care nurse providing care, after receiving your foot care treatment.

What Do Foot Care Visits Include?

  • Assessment of the foot (skin, nail, circulation, sensation, foot health check) 
  • Non invasive treatment or recommendation for common foot care problems (thick and/or fungal nails, ingrown toe nails, heel fissures, calluses, corns, plantar warts)
  • Use of instruments and supplies during care are sterile (autoclaved) and/or single use (reducing the risk for infection/Public Health best practice)
  • All equipment provided during each visit
  • Referral to appropriate care if needed*
     *Nurses are required by the College of Nurses to  chart their nursing care.
    All charting will be solely in the possession of the nurse providing care and will only be shared with other members of the healthcare team with the clients permission.

What is Niagara Mobile Foot Care?

Niagara Mobile Foot Care is a mobile service, providing & promoting quality foot care from the comfort of your own home. Niagara Mobile Foot Care will connect you with contracted, independent practice, foot care nurses (RPN/RN’s) that will come and assess your foot care needs from your own home.  All foot care nurses are RN’s or RPN’s in good standing with the CNO (College of Nurses of Ontario) and have completed a course in basic and advanced foot care practice. All foot care nurses are independently registered/approved providers with Veterans Affairs/Blue Cross and Green Shield.  Niagara Mobile Foot Care is a  locally owned and operated business, serving the Niagara Region since 2012. 



Why is Nursing Foot Care Important?

 When your feet are in good shape and healthy, it allows for good body mechanics which helps to prevent falls in seniors. Healthy feet allow you to be active which is important in maintaining your weight; and improving your emotional and mental health.
Proper routine care from a foot care nurse, can make you aware of early signs of other more serious health conditions such as diabetes or poor circulation.



Why Would You Need Mobile Foot Care?

 Sometimes an individual is unable to travel to a clinic due to mobility or other reasons. A mobile foot care service is a perfect opportunity to continue to receive much needed foot care from your home.  

Will Insurance Cover the Cost of Foot Care?

Some individuals foot care cost may be covered under their extended medical insurance. Please check with your extended health plan to see if you may be covered. Nurses sub contracted through Niagara Mobile Foot Care are Veterans Affairs, Green Shield  and Blue Cross Insurance Approved Providers. 


Please see link below for 

  • Privacy Policy
  • No Show/Same Day Cancellation Policy

 Niagara Mobile Foot Care Policies

  • All contracted foot care nurses go for weekly COVID swab testing.
  • Test results are available upon request.
  • All contracted foot care nurses will wear, gown, gloves, procedural mask during all foot care procedures.  
  • All foot care providers that provide foot care in residential and facilities have had their covid vaccination.  
  • All foot care nurses are independent foot care practitioners and are responsible for their own health and safety and to protect the public. 

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